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Jerusalem Governorate

The Jerusalem Governorate is one of 16 Palestinian governorates situated in the central portion of the West Bank. The district capital is East Jerusalem. The total land area of the governorate is 331.6 km2. Also, Adnan al-Husayni, who is the governor has been appointed by the government since 2008.

According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the governorate had a population of 429,500 residents in 2005, accounting for 10.5% of Palestinians living in the Palestinian territories.

During the 2006 election for the Palestinian Legislative Council, Hamas won 4 "open" seats while Fatah candidates won the remaining two seats reserved for Christians. The Fatah candidates were Imil Jarjoui and Ivivian Sabella.

Jerusalem Governorate Localities


  • Abu Dis
  • al-Eizariya
  • ar-Ram


  • Biddu
  • Beit 'Anan
  • Bir Nabala
  • Hizma
  • Kafr Aqab
  • Qatanna

Village councils

  • 'Anata
  • Arab al-Jahalin
  • Beit 'Anan
  • Beit Duqqu
  • Beit Hanina
  • Beit Iksa
  • Beit Sirik
  • Jaba'
  • al-Jib
  • al-Judeira
  • Kalandia
  • Mikhmas
  • Rafat
  • as-Sawahira ash Sharqiya
  • az-Za'ayyem

East Jerusalem neighborhoods

  • Abu Tor
  • Beit Hanina
  • Beit Safafa
  • Isawiya
  • Jabal Mukabar
  • Old City
  • Ras al-Amud
  • Sheikh Jarrah
  • Shu'fat
  • Silwan
  • Sharafat
  • Sur Baher
  • at-Tur
  • Umm Tuba
  • Wadi al-Joz
  • al-Walaja (part of Bethlehem Governorate and East Jerusalem)

Refugee camps

Source: Wikipedia and others
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Added: May 2011
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Jerusalem Governorate
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