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Beach Refugee Camp

Al-Shati camp, also known as Beach camp, is a Palestinian refugee camp in Gaza Governorate. The third largest of the Gaza Strip’s eight refugee camps – and one of the most crowded refugee camp.

Where is Beach Camp Located?

The Beach camp is located on the Mediterranean coast in the Gaza City area, just north of the Gaza wharf. Like Jabalia camp, it has a very urban character.

Beach camp initially accommodated 23,000 refugees who fled from Lydd, Jaffa, Be’er Sheva and other areas of Palestine. The camp is now home to more than 80,000 refugees, who all reside in an area of only 0.52 square kilometres.

Streets and alleys in the camp are often very narrow and the area is considered among the most densely populated in the world.

The blockade on Gaza has exacerbated problems in the camp. The lack of building materials prevents repairs to housing and new building to cope with the large population. There is also insufficient access to drinking water and electricity.

The blockade has also led to a large increase in unemployment.

About Beach Camp

  • Over 82,000 UNRWA registered refugees
  • 29 schools, 13 running on double shifts
  • One food distribution centre
  • One health centre
Source: UNRWA
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Added: May 2011
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Beach Camp