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Palestinian Television
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Ibn Marwan Mosque: It contains the tomb of the holy man, Sheikh Ali Ben Marwan.
Gaza City, Gaza Strip, Palestine
Tell Umm Amer: The site of Tell Umm Amer (Khirbet Umm Al-Tutt) is located in Al-Nusairat village on the coast, east of the shore rifts and on the south bank of Wadi Gaza, 8.5 kilometres south of Gaza city.
Gaza Strip
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Palestinian Television

Palestine Television (PBC)

PBC is the official national television that represents the public concern, according to its definition, "the Palestine Broadcasting Corporation is a public national institution that constitutes a major and significant component of the national structure of the Palestinian society in its march towards achieving its basic rights of liberation and independence and the establishment of its independent state over its homeland."

PBC legitimacy is enshrined in the Presidential Decree No. (4596) signed by the Palestinian President Yaser Arafat on 6 July 1993 and addressed to Radwan Abu Ayyash, stipulating the establishment of the Palestinian radio and television.

PBC had its first experimental broadcast in Jericho on 6 June 1994, utilizing Palestinian hands and brains, according a special PBC publication.

PBC started broadcasting locally in the Gaza Strip in September 1994. Since April 1995, production has been conducted at PBC premises in Ramallah.

Al-Aqsa Satellite Television

The Hamas movement launched the experimental broadcasts of Al-Aqsa Satellite Channel on January 7, 2006, giving it the same name as the radio station of the movement in Gaza. This satellite channel constitutes part of the activities of the Ribat Media and Artistic Production Company, with its Chairman of the Board Fathi Hammad, one of the senior leaders of Hamas and a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC).

The Ribat media company started several years ago with the publication of the weekly Al-Risala (The Message), and as of December 2003 it launched Sawt al-Aqsa (The Voice of Al-Aqsa) radio station.

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Palestinian Television
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