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Refugee Camps
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Palestinian Refugee Camps
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Refugee Camps:

A comprehensive list of the Palestinian Refugee Camps in Gaza Strip and West Bank, find here important information about the Palestinian Refugee Camps. By clicking on any of the camps names on the map, or on the list of the names, you will be able to view a detailed information.

Gaza Refugee Camps:

Jabalia Camp

Jabalia Camp is located north of Gaza City beside a village of the same name. The camp was established after the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict for 35,000 refugees who had fled from villages in southern Palestine. The refugees were at first provided with tents, which UNRWA later replaced with cement block shelters with asbestos roofs.

Beach Camp

Beach camp lies beside the sea in the northern part of Gaza City. It is known locally as "Shati Camp". The camp was established on 747 dunums (less than one square kilometer) after the 1948 conflict for some 23,000 refugees from Lydda, Jaffa, Beersheva and the southern coastal plain of Palestine.

Nuseirat Camp

Nuseirat Camp is located 8 kms south of Gaza City and is named after a local Bedouin tribe. About 16,000 refugees settled in the camp after the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict, most having fled from the Beersheva area in the Negev in southern Palestine. Many were housed initially in a former British military prison (Kallaboush) and others were sheltered in tents. The poorest section of the camp is known as the "new camp" or Block J.

Bureij Camp

Bureij camp is located in the centre of the Gaza Strip to the east of the Salah Eddin main road. The camp was set up in 1949 on a 528 dunum site. A number of the original 13,000 refugees were housed in the British army barracks there and the rest in tents. UNRWA built cement block shelters in the 1950s.

Maghazi Camp

Maghazi Camp is situated in the centre of the Gaza Strip south of Bureij camp. It was established in 1949 on a 559 dunum site to shelter 9,000 refugees who had fled from villages in central and southern Palestine. Tents were replaced by mud-brick shelters in the 1950s and later by cement block shelters in the 1960s. Around 75 percent of the shelters still have asbestos roofing.

Deir El Balah Camp

Deir el-Balah camp is the smallest camp in the Gaza Strip. It covers an area of 160,000 sq. meters beside the sea in the middle of the Gaza Strip and west of Deir el-Balah (Monastery of Dates) town. The area is well-known for its abundant date palm groves.

Khan Younis Camp

Khan Younis Camp is located about two kilometers from the sea in the south of the Gaza Strip. It was established in 1949 west of Khan Younis City, a major commercial centre which historically was a stopping-off point on the ancient trade route to Egypt. The original 35,000 residents, most of them from villages in the Beersheva area in the Negev, were at first housed in tents on a 549 dunum site.

Rafah Camp

Rafah Camp is the southern-most camp and is located on the Egyptian border. The camp was established in 1949 to house 41,000 refugees. At that time it was the largest and most concentrated population of refugees in the Gaza Strip. However, several thousand residents have since moved from the camp to a housing project in nearby Tel es-Sultan.

West Bank Refugee Camps:

Askar Camp

Askar Camp, both Old and New Askar, has approximately 15,000 inhabitants. Like any refugee camp, Askar endures many hardships: substand living conditions, poverty, unemployment and inadequate education.

Balata Camp

Balata Refugee Camp is located near Nablus, in the Northern part of the West Bank. The camp is 2.5 kilometers square. This camp was established in 1950, and is populated by refugees from 65 towns and villages from Yaffa area, including the cities of Al Led and Al Ramleh. In addition, the camp houses Bedouine tribes from the areas of Al Hashasheen, Swalmeh, Ka'abneh and Jammaseen.

Gaza Refugee Camps
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Gaza Refugee Camps
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Refugee Camps
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