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Faraj Balousha
Architect, Civil Engineer
1-700 Stone Church Road West, Hamilton, Ontario, L9B 2M8
Tel / Fax: (905) 385 8491 / E-mail:
Faraj Balousha - Architect, Civil Engineer and Owner/Webmaster of,, and
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  • Preparing architectural and structural drawings, with high quality, using the most recent CAD programs, in addition to modeling and rendering.
  • Managing design operation, from conceptual studies to approvals and permits.
  • Extensive skills and experience in preparing tender documents, providing technical supervision, and construction management of projects.
  • Preparing working drawings
  • Rehabilitation, renovation and reconstruction of buildings


  • AutoCAD 14 – 2005, ArchiCAD 7, STAAD 3
  • Microsoft Office programs, FrontPage, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • Internet applications and other Practical Computer Programs


  • Hardworking and reliable: I put in any hours required to get the work done
  • Working with others: Very cooperative, good at teamwork
  • Problems-solving skills: Excellent at analyzing situations, assess solution
  • Blueprint reading: Read, follow and create blueprints
  • Site inspection: Experience at all phases and difficulties in site inspection
  • Methods and materials: Familiar with building materials and construction methods
  • Ontario building code part 9


  • Economic Feasibility Studies workshop, two days, held by Arab Economists Association- Jerusalem, in co-operation with Islamic University-Gaza, 1992.
  • Adobe PhotoShop 5 course, 30 Hour, Gaza, 1999.
  • 3Dstudio MAX, VIZ course, 64 Hour, Gaza, 2000.
  • STAAD III-VER. 22 course, 24 Hour, Gaza, 2000.
  • AutoCAD 14 course, 60 Hour, Gaza, 2000.
  • AutoCAD 14 course, 36 Hour, Gaza, 2001.



For Study Purpose

  • The case of Mr. Hasan Jenade Building and to estimate the damages of the building caused by the Israeli Shooting, February 2001.
  • The case of 17th Forces Site and to estimate the damages of the buildings caused by the Israeli Shooting, November 2000.
  • The case of Mr. El Nadi Building, because of some problems in the foundations, May 2000.
  • The case of Mr. Moh'd Zamel Building, which has been subjected to a big fire case, February 2000.
  • The case of Al-Namari Mosque which its slab, completely, fallen down, during the construction processes, November 1999.
  • The causes of failure of El-Daalsa factory's slab, November 1998.
  • The draft of the Rule for the Suitability of the Public Places to the Handicapped Use, October 1998.
  • The possibilities of adding additional stories to the building of Beit Hanoun Municipality, September 1998.
  • The possibilities of removing part of the bricks Factory of Mr. Ibrahim Eisa, August 1998.

For Testing Purpose

  • The Building of Protective Security "North of Gaza Governorates", Dec., 1998.
  • The Building of Mr. Ramzi Hamad in Beit Hanoun Nov., 1998.
  • The Building of five stories in Beit Lahia, Which is "15 cm" deflected, Sep., 1998.
  • The Building of the Contractor Mr. Yusif El Ostaz in Beit Lahia, Sep., 1998

For Approval Purpose

  • The Architectural design of Mr. Abu Shanab Tower Building, according to the Municipality & Civil Defence demands, September 2000.
  • The Architectural Design of Mr. Al-Adham Tower Building, according to the Municipality & Civil Defence requirements, August 2000.


  • Technical Committee’s Reports, Association of Engineers, Gaza, 8/1998-2/2001.
  • Writing Articles with Lectures, Building Construction and Formwork Skills course, Association of Engineers, Gaza, 3/2001-5/2001
  • Development briefs and Juries evaluations, Architectural department, Faculty of engineering, Islamic University, Gaza, 1/2000, 6/2000, 1/2001.


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  • How to Optimize Your Website for Google's Top 10 Ranking - More Steps


  • Discussing the undergraduate students in Architectural department, faculty of Engineering, Islamic University, Gaza, from 1998 to 2001.
  • Preparing Committee for the "Refugees and the Right of Return " Seminar, Gaza, February 2001.
  • Preparing Committee for the " Palestinian Engineering Week ", Gaza, May 1998.

(Faculty of Eng., Arch. Dept., Islamic University, Gaza.)

  •  Arch. Design 5 (ENGA E 5514), Medical City, January 2001.
  • Arch. Design 4 (ENGA D 4514), Industrial Buildings, June 2000.
  • Arch. Design 5 (ENGA E 5514), Olympic Sport City, January 2000.

Contributor in the following Architectural Competitions:

  • To Design the New Building of Khan-Yunis Municipality, held by Municipality of Khan-Yunis, Gaza Strip, 1998.
  • To Design the New Building of Material Testing Laboratory, held by Association of Engineers, Material Testing Laboratory, Gaza, 1997.
  • To Design the New Building of Rafah Municipality & the Commercial Centre, held by Municipality of Rafah, Gaza Strip, 1997.
  • To Design a Residential Complex, 416 apartments, held by Palestinian Housing Council, Gaza, 1992.


  • Competition's Prize 1997
    Architectural Competition held by the Association of Engineers, Gaza. Design of the New Building of the Materials Testing Laboratory


  • Feb 2004-Now Self-Employed
    Sketch-plus Inc. (Architectural illustration Arts)

    SKETCH-PLUS provides architectural illustration services for architects, homeowners, realtors and builders.
  • Oct 2004-Jan 2005 Drafting technician (contract)
    Coreslab Structures Inc., Dundas, Ontario

    • Preparation of detailed shop drawing and bills of material
      Solid precast detailing work.
  • Feb 2003-July 2003 Civil Engineering Technologist (contract)
    Quartek Group INC, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

    • Develop and assist in preparing engineering designs of projects
      Preparing architectural and structural drawings
    • Drafting - office work- Site measuring
      Performing such other duties as may be assigned
  • 1985-1993 and 1995- June 2001 Self-Employed
    [AL BONIAN Engineering Office, Jabalia Camp, Gaza Strip]

    Managing my own engineering office (Designed more than 200 Residential, Offices, Commercial, Industrial, and Public Buildings, and Supervised about 50 out of the 200 Projects).

    AL BONIAN Engineering Office”, offering services include:
    Feasibility Studies, Design & Supervision of Housing Projects, Offices, Commercial, Industrial, and Public Buildings


    • Providing feasibility studies of construction projects.
    • Managing design operation, from conceptual studies to approvals and permits, according to municipality and civil defence requirements.
    • Preparing tender documents (specifications, bill of quantities, particular and general conditions).
    • Management of projects construction (planning and scheduling, budgeting and estimating, cost control and accounting, quality control, and regular reporting).
    • Providing site supervision and construction management of projects.
  • 1993-1995 Site Engineer
    [UNITED NATIONS ( , Gaza]


    • Providing technical supervision, ensuring contractor adherence to drawings, specifications and materials, and exercise quality control.
    • Maintaining a measurement book.
    • Arranging for testing of materials.
    • Taking steps to ensure the contractors adherence to the set time schedule.
    • Keeping a diary, recording day-to-day progress.
    • Preparing interim payments and final payment due to the contractor.
    • Reporting any discrepancies between contractor documents and the work carried out by the contractor.
    • Performing such other duties as may be assigned
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Faraj Balousha's CV