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Freih Abu Meddien
Gaza / Beersheba, Palestine
(1944 - )
Freih Abu Meddien - Born in Gaza/Palestinian, lawyer L.L.B. graduate from Alexandria University, Egypt, 1971. Member of various Palestinian councils and associations.
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Freih Abu Meddien

Born in Gaza 1944, Former PA Minister for Justice, losing position in 9Jun02 reshuffle. Gaza lawyer (LLB from Alexandria Uni, 1971, though family from Beersheba (where grandfather was mayor). Head of Gaza Bar Assoc from 1989-94; member of Palestinian delegation to the Madrid process; pro-Fatah PLC member for Dayr al-Balah 1996-2005. Most famous for calling for all Palestinians who sell land to Jews to be killed; for justification of death sentences; and for denouncing Palestinians’ NGO sector. Voted against Hebron redeployment agreement.

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Added: June 2006
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Freih Abu Meddien