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Mohammed Al Hindi
Gaza / Haifa, Palestine
(1955 - )
Mohammed Al Hindi - Director of the Palestinian Center for Studies and Research in Gaza and as editor-in-chief of its magazine Filastin.
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Mohammed Al Hindi

Born in Gaza on 15 May 1955 to a refugee family from Haifa; studied in UNRWA schools in Gaza; joined the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza in 1972; moved to Cairo in 1973 and studied Medicine and Surgery at Cairo University, graduating in 1980; worked as a physician at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza but was removed from his post by Israel in 1982 because of his political activities; took courses in pediatrics and worked in the field of maternity and child care; in 1987, was imprisoned for one year by Israeli authorities involvement in the (first) Intifada; was imprisoned for a second time in 1989 for similar reasons (until his release in 1993); was a harsh critique of the Oslo peace process from its outset; also criticized repeatedly the performance of the PA, especially its security apparatus; was arrested six times by the PA and imprisoned in 1994; currently serves as Director of the Palestinian Center for Studies and Research in Gaza and as editor-in-chief of its magazine Filastin; was arrested by PA security forces on 1 Dec. 2001; was involved in the ceasefire talks in 2003 as well as in inter-Palestinian dialogue among the various factions; opposed participation of the Islamic movement in the Presidential elections of Jan. 2005; his office was struck by Israeli missiles on 15 May 2004 in what was widely seen as an assassination attempt.

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Added: June 2006
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Mohammed Al Hindi