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M. Nasser Al-Kidwa
Gaza / Palestine
(1953 - )
Nasser Al-Kidwa - Doctor of Dental Medicine & Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry , Cairo university ,1979.
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M. Nasser Al-Kidwa


  • Doctor of Dental Medicine & Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry , Cairo university ,1979.

Present Positions

  • Minister Of Foreign Affairs for the Palestinian National Authority on 24 February 2005.
  • Joined the Fateh faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1969.
  • Member of the Central Council of the PLO from 1999-Present.
  • President of the General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS) from 1981_1986. Member of Executive Committee of GUPS since 1974.
  • Member of the Palestine National council (PNC) from 1975_Present
  • Observer member in the revolutionary council for Fateh faction since 1981. Elected as a member in 1989.

Other Positions

  • Observer member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Red Crescent Society from 1979-1981.
  • Alternate Permanent Observer of the Palestine Liberation Organization to the United Nations in 1986-1991.
  • Permanent Observer of Palestine to the United Nations 1991 – February 2005.
  • Head, Delegation of Palestine to the International court of Justice, February 2004, Advisory Opinion Proceedings on the Legal consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.
  • Has attended several and international meetings, conferences and seminars.
  • including of the United Nations, Non-Aligned Movement and OIC, as the head or a member of the official Palestinian delegation.
  • Participated in numerous symposiums, panel debates, lectures, and presentations regarding the Question of Palestine and Middle East peace process.
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Added: May 2006
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M. Nasser Al-Kidwa