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Said Siyam
Al-Shati R.C., Gaza / Al-Jura, Palestine
(1959-2009 )
Said Siyam - Minister of Interior and National Security.
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Said Siyam

Minister of Interior and National Security


Past Occupation

  • Member of Arab Employees League in UNRWA (Palestine)
  • Foreign Affairs Responsible in HAMAS (Palestine)
  • Member of Political Leadership in HAMAS (Palestine)
  • Preacher in Different Gaza Mosques (Palestine)
  • Member of Board of Trustees of Islamic University (Palestine)
  • Member of Founding Committee of Mustaqbal Research Center (Palestine)
  • Head of Teachers Committee Sector (Palestine)
  • 1980 Member of Students Union (Palestine)
  • 1980 2003 Teacher in UNRWA Schools (Palestine)

Current Occupation

Hamas leader Said Siyam was killed on Jan 15, 2009 in an Israeli air raid along with one of his sons and a brother.

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Said Mohammad Siyam