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Anwar Elagha
Khan Younis / Palestine
 (1967-    )
Anwar Elagha - Ambassador of Palestine to Bangladesh, September 2005.
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Anwar Elagha

Ambassador of Palestine to Bangladesh. September 2005


Graduate Studies: Doctor of Education Educational Management
University of the East- Manila –Philippines. October, 1993.

Master of Arts in Teaching English
University of the East- Manila –Philippines 1991.

College : Bachelor of Arts in Communication Mass Communication
Far Eastern University – Manila – Philippines 1990.


*Ambassador of Palestine to Bangladesh. September 2005.

* Producer and presenter of Political Programmes – Palestine Television and Satellite Channel. Gaza–Palestine. 2000 -2005.

* Director General of Planning and Development – Palestine Television.
Gaza–Palestine. May to August 2005.

* Director General of International Relations and Development–Palestine Television and Satellite Channel-Gaza–Palestine. January 2000 to May 2005.

* Head of Coordination Team for Finnish-Palestinian Agreement –"Finnish Project to Support Palestinian Television News and Public Affairs" -Gaza– Palestine .2002-2005.

*Representative of Palestine Television and Satellite Channel in the Bi-Annual Meeting of South East European Countries News Exchange –" ERNO ".
Held in Austria ,Greece, Morocco, Italy and Romania. 2002-2005.

* Assistant Professor of Mass Communication "Part Time"
Al Azhar and Al Aqsa Universities-Gaza– Palestine.

* Lecturer of Many Courses in Media and Public Relations - Palestine.

* Director of Public Relations and Media Department.
Ministry of Housing - Gaza – Palestine. October 1994 to January 2000.

* Director of Training and Development -Ministry of Housing - Gaza – Palestine. 1997-1998.


* Member of the JURY–Cairo Festival for Rtv. 11th-"Films and Programmes"
Cairo-Egypt. January 27 to July 7, 2005.

* Guest Speaker in a Conference –" The Role of Media in the Palestinian
Political Changes "- Avesta-Sweeden. May 27-30, 2005.

* Member of the JURY– Aljazeera Festival for Television Production-"Films and Programmes". Doha- Qatar. April 15-21, 2005.

* Accompanying the President to Cover the Activities of the Arab Summit in Algeria. March 18-23,2005.

* Member of the JURY– Cairo Festival for Rtv. 10th-"Films and Programmes"
Cairo- Egypt. June 19-27, 2004.

*The First Festival on Video Clips- Hammamat – Tunesia . April 22-25,2003.

* Member of the JURY– Gulf Festival for Rtv. Production 8th "Films and Programmes". Manama-Bahrain. January 8-15, 2004.

* The International Seminar of Human Rights – Sponsored by the Arab Committee for Human Rights -Paris –France .January 8-10, 2003.

* Member of the Organizing Committee – The Third Conference on Palestinian Expatriates. Khanyounis and Hebron - Palestine. July 19-22, 1999.

* The First Palestinian Banking Conference "The Role of the Banking and Financial Sectors in Reconstruction and Development". Gaza –Palestine –Rashad Elshwa Center. December 2-3,1998.

* Member of the Organizing Committee – The Second Conference on Palestinian Expatriates. Ramallah and Nablus- Palestine. July 27-29, 1998.

* Member of the Organizing Committee – The First Conference on Palestinian Expatriates. Gaza and Bethlehem- Palestine. July, 1997

* Member of the Preparation Committee – The International Conference on Affordable Housing in Palestine. Birzeit University – Ramallah – Palestine. November 1-3,1996.

* The Conference on Urban and Rural Reconstruction in Palestine.
Amman – Jordan – Philadelphia Hotel. November 24-27,1995.

* The Conference on Development Strategy in Palestine
Gaza-Palestine – Regency Palace. September 16-17, 1995.

* The International Conference for Building and Construction "INTER BUILD 95"
Cairo- Egypt. June 22-25, 1995.

* The Annual Conference on Managerial Development and Training "Reengineering Arab Institutions-Agenda for the Future"-Cairo – Egypt- Marriot Hotel. April 18-20, 1995.


* Media Attache - Diplomatic Training programme - Ministry of Foreign Affairs "M.F.A"
Gaza – Palestine. June 23-26, 2001.

* Developing Media Skills – Diplomatic Training Programme - "M.F.A".
Gaza – Palestine. March 12-20, 2001.

* Training Programme for Palestinian Media Practitioners
United Nations Headquarter- New York-U.S.A. October 2000.

* Programme of Media and International Communication.
Colombia University – New York - U.S.A . November 2000

* Broadcasting Media at CNN Center - Atlanta - U.S.A. November 2000.

* Management of International Conferences - Diplomatic Training programme – M.F.A.
Gaza- Palestine. September 2000.

* Consular Affairs- Diplomatic Training Programme - M.F.A.
Gaza - Palestine. August 5-20, 2000.

* Diplomatic Reporting – Diplomatic Training Programme - M.F.A.
Gaza - Palestine. February 26-29,2000.

* Protocol Management – Diplomatic Training Programme –M.F.A.
Gaza- Palestine. December 11-14, 1999.

* Training of Trainers Programme "Total of 72 Hours" National Center For Public
Administration "N.C.P.A" Funded by the British Government – British Council.
Gaza – Palestine. March 29 to August 3, 1998.

* Management Development for Senior Civil Servants of the Palestinian National Authority.
Cyprus Academy of Public Administration – Nicosia- Cyprus. March 9-20, 1998.

* Programme of Focal Point for Training "Total of 40 Hours"
Held at N.C.P.A Gaza – Palestine. February, 1998.

* Skills of Conflict Resolution . Held at N.C.P.A .Gaza – Palestine. November 1-5, 1997.

* Public Relations Management .Held at N.C.P.A .Gaza- Palestine. May 19-23, 1997.

* Preparing Leaders for the Year 2000- Team Palestine -Gaza- Palestine. March 18-19, 1995.

* Modern Strategic Planning. Held at Team Palestine- Gaza- Palestine. December 24-28, 1994.

* Developing the Managerial Skills of New Managers
Held at Team Palestine -Gaza -Palestine. December 17-21, 1994.

* Developing the Skills of Public Relation Team.
Held at Team Palestine - Gaza- Palestine. October 15-19, 1994.

* Training at ABS -CBN Broadcasting Center "Channel 2".Manila – Philippines.1989-1991.


* Palestinian Journalists Syndicate- Palestine.

* Federation of Arab Journalists –Cairo – Egypt.

* International Committee to Protect Journalists - New York – U.S.A.

* Elgarara Development Association- KhanyounisGaza Strip - Palestine.

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Anwar Elagha