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Zaki Zoarob
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Zaki Zoarob - Environmental Quality Authority, Gaza, Palestine.
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Zaki Zoarob

Environmental Quality Authority, Gaza, Palestine


  • M.Sc. in Environmental Science and Technology, IHE, Delft, The Netherlands (1997)
  • Diploma in Environmental Science and Technology, IHE, Delft, The Netherlands (1996)
  • M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey (1991)
  • B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, U.A.E University, Al‑Ain, Abu‑Dhabi, (1986)

Professional Experience

Environmental Quality Authority (May 2004 – Present)

Director General of Environmental Resources Directorate (ERD).
Environmental indicators, guidelines, bylaws and databases have been developed for environmental resources in Palestine (e.g. water, Land, Atmosphere and other related issues).
Supervising a staff of 14 engineers and scientists working on the following issues: water pollution, Desertification, Renewable energy, Biodiversity, Geographical Information System, and Coastal management.

General Personnel Council (GPC) (Jul. 2002 – Apr. 2004)

Director General of Policies and Planning Directorate. Establishing a new Performance Evaluation System. Reforming the organizational Structures of governmental institutions. Conducting several training workshops about Strategic Planning for representatives persons from all governmental institutions. Represent the GPC in the reforming activities in the Palestinian Authority since July 2002. Supervising a staff of 12 persons working on the following issues: Planning, statistics, performance evaluation, information management.

Ministry of Environmental Affairs (Jan. 2001 – Jul. 2002)

Director General of Environmental Resources Directorate (ERD). Developing strategic and action plans for the environmental resources management in Palestine.

Ministry of Environmental Affairs (May 1999- Dec. 2000)

Director General of Technical General Directorate (TGD). Developing strategic and action plans for the five Directorates of the TGD (Training, Studies, Pollution Control, Legislation and Standards, and Laboratories).

Ministry of Health (December 1997- May 1999)

Director of Environmental Health Directorate. Developing strategic and action plans for the three departments of the Environmental Health Directorate (Water control department, Vector and rodent control department, Waste control department). Following up the action plan execution performance and preparing monthly reports. Also, responsible for the performance of eight staff members. Developing and performing technical training courses to local environmental health inspectors. Representing the ministry of health in activities related to environmental health aspects.

Ministry of Health (August 1993-November 1997)

Environmental Engineer. Inspection of the hazardous waste management practices (industrial and medical wastes) and preparing monthly reports about them. Indicating approval requirements for licensing industrial activities. Conducting training activities for local inspectors. Accomplishments included participating as a lecturer in the school health workshop (Jan. 1994), conducting a comprehensive study on Potable Water Risks in the Gaza Strip (1994), Conducting an environmental impact assessment of KhanYunis Sewerage Project (1997), and participating as an expert in many workshops and meetings related to environmental aspects.

Education Collage of Gaza (September 1992-August 1993)

Lecturer in the Science Department. Giving lectures of chemical thermodynamics for the second level students of the science department of the collage.

Training Courses

  • Management Skills for Senior Managers, Islamic University in Gaza, (July 2001 – January 2002).
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Management in the Netherlands, (Jan. 1996 ‑ September 1996).
  • Negotiation Skills organized by the General Personnel Council in Gaza. (6/7/2000 – 5/8/2000).
  • Human Resource Management organized by the Mediterranian Institute of Management in Cyprus. (27/3/2000 – 21/4/2000).
  • Leadership Administrative Skills organized by PECDAR in Gaza. (28/8/1999 – 1/9/1999).
  • Solid Waste Management and Administration organized by the Rafah Solid Waste Disposal Project. (16th April 1994 to 23 rd April 1994).
  • Environmental Health Information System in Jordan, (November, 1, 1997 to November, 20, 1997).
  • Environmental Auditing in Jordan,1995.
    A training program on Operation and Maintenance of Water Distribution Systems with Special emphasis on Well Maintenance and Rehabilitation organized by the Canada Fund and the Society of Engineers‑ Gaza. (23rd December 1993 to 14th Jan. 1994).
  • Waste water Treatment Methods organized by the environmental engineering department in the METU, Turkey. (Feb. 1989 to May 1989).
  • Visual Basic and Access database in Gaza, (August, 1998).

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Zaki Khedr Zoarob