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Israeli Occupation of the Palestinian Territory
1987: The Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza is the scene of where the Intifida, or Palestinian uprising, began.
My grandfather left the key to my father, my father left it to me and I will leave it for my son, we will never ever forget our house, we are still waiting for the implementation of the UN resolution 194 and to return to our homeland.
Israeli Occupation of the Palestinian Territory
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Palestine Ambassador to Canada

Palestine Remembered
Al Nakba 1948

Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United
At this site, you may access information on important issues related
to Palestine and the United Nations, as well as information regarding the work and official documents of the Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations. You will also find information on Palestinian affairs including, historical pieces and documents of the Middle East peace process. Featured as well is the monthly publication of Palestine & The UN.

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The Palestinian Authority

Electronic Intifada

Fair Go For Palestine - Solidarity group in Brisbane, Australia

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon (film)

The Edward Said page (articles, interviews, reviews and more)

Al Nakba

Al-Awda - The Palestine Right to Return Coalition.

Shaml - Palestinian Refugee and Diaspora Centre

The Arab Times

The Oslo accords and related documents

Resistance Art is an initiative dedicated to celebrate the diversity and richness of Palestinian art and culture. It was founded in 2003, and is located in Toronto, Canada.

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Links related to PALESTINE