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The reality of occupation of the Palestinians. Most aspects of Palestinian life (including resources like water) are controlled by Israel.
The Holy City of Jerusalem is one of the most ancient cities in the world
Handala is not a fat, happy, relaxed, or pampered child, he is bare-footed like the refugee camp children, and he is an "icon" that protects me from making mistakes.
Palestine is one of the most ancient homelands of humankind. There is evidence that Palestine was inhabited almost two hundred thousand years ago.
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GHI Category of Palestinian People Profiles
Alphabetical listing of selected GHI Palestine People Profiles
Jaweed Al-Ghussein Jaweed Al-Ghussein
Born in Ramleh in 1930; businessman who made his fortune in construction projects in the United Arab Emirates (where he ran the Cordoba Development Corporation for a while) before assuming his PLO duties;
Ya'cob Al-Ghussein Ya'cob Al-Ghussein
Born in 1899 in Ramleh; landowner; lawyer (graduated from Cambridge /U.K.); pro-Husseini; founder (1932) and president of the Arab Youth Congress Party, elected president of the First National Congress of Arab Youth, held in Jaffa, January 1932;
Assia Habash Assia Habash
Born in Jerusalem on 28 March 1936; holds a BA in Psychology and Education from the AUB (1958) and a PhD in Education from Bradford University, UK;
Claudette Habash Claudette Habash
Ambassador for Peace for the Inter-Religious and International Federation for World Peace in 2003; received the International Voluntary Service Award from the Catholic University of San Antonio, Murcia, Spain, in 2004.
George Habash George Habash
Politician and guerilla leader; founder member and activist in the Arab National Movement; established the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in 1968; PFLP General Secretary from 1968 to 2000.
Sakher Habash Sakher Habash
Born in Beit Dajan, near Jaffa, in 1939; turned to Palestinian national movement in the early 1960s and joined Fateh in 1962; was appointed Fateh regional command in Lebanon in Oct. 1972; member of the Fateh Central Committee since Aug. 1989;
Shafiq Habib Shafiq Habib
Born in Deir Hanna, Galilee. on 8 Dec. 1941; holds a Diploma in Education from Haifa University and a BA in Journalism and Public Relations from the British College in Jerusalem works in the field of accounting but enjoys writing poetry;
Emil Habibi Emil Habibi
Born in Haifa in Aug. 1921; noted Palestinian-Israeli author, playwright, and journalist, who received several literary prizes; died in Haifa on 2 May 1996 (his tombstone reads - as he had requested: “Emile Habibi - Remained in Haifa”).
Amin Haddad Amin Haddad
Born in Nablus on 13 Dec. 1956; worked as Assistant Researcher at the Arab Studies Society in Jerusalem from 1980-82, while also studying at An-Najah University, Nablus, graduating with a BA in Accounting and Business Administration in 1982;
Wadi' Haddad Wadi' Haddad
Born in Safad in 1927; went to Syria in 1961; took up commando action from 1963; was a founding member of the PFLP in 1967; died in East Germany of leukemia on 28 March 1978.
Abdul Aziz Haj Ahmad Abdul Aziz Haj Ahmad
Born in Salama/Jaffa,1943; studied Dentistry at Alexandria University: PA Minister of Transportation 1994-1996; serves since Aug. 1998 as Consultant for the PA Ministry of Health; appointed as an adviser to the PA President Mahmoud Abbas in 2005.
Samia Halabi Samia Halabi
Born in Jerusalem on 12 Dec. 1936; MA in Painting from Michigan State University (1960) and MA in Fine Arts in Painting from Indiana University (1963); taught in American universities for 18 years, has exhibited her work internationally.
Usama Halabi Usama Halabi
Born in Daliyat Al-Karmel in 1959; studied Law at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, graduating with an LLB in 1982 and an LLM in 1987; became a member of the Israeli Bar Association in 1987;
Rula Halawany Rula Halawany
Born in Jerusalem in 1964; received a BA Advanced in Math and Photography from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1989; works as freelance photojournalist for the Snenska Dagbladet, Sweden and the US-based Middle East Report since 1990;
Mohammed Hallaj Mohammed Hallaj
PhD in Political Science from the University of Florida (1966); taught at the Florida’s Jacksonville University until 1970; Professor at Birzeit University from 1975-81, also serving as Dean of the Faculty of Arts, and later as Vice-Pres. of the university;
Mustafa Hallaj Mustafa Hallaj
Born in Salame, Jaffa, in 1938; was also known as Sheikh Al-Fannanin (‘The Master of Artists’); died in Dec. 2002 in Damascus, while trying to rescue his works from a fire that destroyed his studio; was buried in Al-Yarmouk Refugee Camp, Damascus.
Osman Hallak Osman Hallak
Born in Jerusalem on 5 May 1935; did his Graduate Studies in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles, from 1963-64; established a daily newspaper “An-Nahar” on 1986-1995 (May);
Jamil Hamad Jamil Hamad
Co-founder with Yousef Nasser, and editor of Al-Fajr daily newspaper from 1972-1974; from 1984, received the Overseas Press Club Award in 1985; was joint winner of the Henry R. Luce Award for reporting on the battle of Jenin in April 2002.
Abdel-Fattah Hamayel Abdel-Fattah Hamayel
Imprisoned for 17 years in Israeli jails; released in a prisoner exchange in 1985 but re-imprisoned in 1990 and deported to Jordan in 1992; Minister of State without portfolio in the cabinet of PM Mahmoud Abbas on 30 April 2003 (until Oct. 2003).
Abdul-Jawad Saleh Hamayel Abdul-Jawad Saleh Hamayel
Born in Al-Bireh on 3 Dec. 1931; studied Economics at the AUC, graduating with a BA in 1955; was elected to the PLC as an independent in the Ramallah district in the Jan. 1996 elections; was appointed PA Minister of Agriculture for two years.
Saleh Abdul-Jawad Hamayel Saleh Abdul-Jawad Hamayel
Born in Al-Bireh in 1952; PhD (1986) in Political Science from Paris X-Nanterre University; works as Professor of History and Political Science at Birzeit University since 1981; served as Director of Birzeit’s Research Center from 1994-97;
Rami Hamdallah Rami Hamdallah
PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Lancaster, UK, in 1988; Dean of the Faculty of Arts (1992-95); Vice-Pres. of the Palestinian Scientific Academy; Chairman of the Palestinian Stock Exchange Board;
Osama Hamdan Osama Hamdan
Born in 1965; Hamas representative to Lebanon; participated in the Cairo dialogue between Palestinian factions in 2004 and served as Hamas’ spokesperson at the talks; member of the Hamas politburo.
Jamil Hammami Jamil Hammami
Researcher at the Center for Islamic Research at Al-Quds University from 1997-2003, where he also worked as a lecturer and pursued his MA in Islamic Studies, graduating 2003; coordinator of the Religious Studies Unit at PASSIA since 1998;
Rema Hammami Rema Hammami
PhD in Cultural Anthropology, which she received from Temple University in Aug. 1994; worked as Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Birzeit University from 1994-96, then became Research Coordinator of the MA Program in Gender,
Mahmoud Hamshari Mahmoud Hamshari
PLO leader; moved to France in the 1960s, serving as Fateh representative; was bombed in his house in Paris on 8 Dec. 1972 by the Israeli Mossad died of his injuries a month later on 9 Jan. 1973.
Yahya Hamuda Yahya Hamuda
Chairman of the PLO in 24 Dec. 1967, when Ahmed Shuqeiri resigned from the post; his mandate was extended by the 4th PNC in Cairo in July 1968; attempted unsuccessfully to unite the PLO and the guerrilla groups;
Ghazi Hanania Ghazi Hanania
Board Member of the Arab Care Medical Services since 1990; Chairman of the Board of the Union of Ramallah People since 1994; head of the Board of Trustees of the Ramallah Regional Emergency and Trauma Center since 2001.
Akram Haniyeh Akram Haniyeh
Born in Ramallah in 1953; organizer for PLO activities in the West Bank during the 1970s/early 1980s; became a political advisor to Arafat as well as a member of final status talks team; Board of Trustees member of An-Najah University;
Atallah Hanna Atallah Hanna
MA in Theology from Thessalonica University in 1991; was arrested from his home in the Old City of Jerusalem; was on Dec. 2004 awarded the Jerusalem Prize by the PA Ministry of Culture as part of the Palestine Cultural Prizes of 2000;
Hilmi Hanoun Hilmi Hanoun
BA in Commerce in 1934; became member of the first PNC in 1964; was elected mayor of Tulkarem on 27 Oct. 1963 and re-elected on 23 April 1972; served as Board Director of Al-Fajr newspaper in Jerusalem;
Sara Hanoun Sara Hanoun
Born in Tulkarem in 1924; contributed in transforming the Women’s Coalition Club into the Red Crescent Society after 1955; contributed in the organizing of a number of centers related to women, literacy and other social services in the 1950s;
Ahmad Harb Ahmad Harb
PhD in Comparative and English Literature from the University of Iowa, USA, in 1986; became an Associate Professor of English Literature at Birzeit University; later served as Dean at the university’s of the Faculty of Arts;
Bilal al Hassan Bilal al Hassan
Born in Haifa in 1944; bother of Hani Al-Hassan; was member of the PLO team that negotiated with a Lebanese delegation in Egypt the ‘Cairo Agreement’ in Nov. 1969, lives in France and works as an analyst and journalist, among others for Al-Hayat.
Hani al Hassan Hani al Hassan
PLO leader; studied engineering in the 1950-60s in Darmstadt and Munich, Germany; joined Fateh in 1963 and committed his group to it; Arafat's chief political adviser on day-to-day matters, his special envoy and crisis manager.
Khaled Al Hassan Khaled Al Hassan
Fateh member since 1963; leader of the first Fateh Central Committee; named to the PLO Executive Committee in 1968; chairman of the PNC's Foreign Relations Committee (first PLO 'foreign minister' and main architect of PLO foreign policy.
Manuel Hassassian Manuel Hassassian
PhD in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati, USA, in 1986; Associate Professor - University of Bethlehem (1991-98); appointed as ambassador, Head of the Palestinian General Delegation to the United Kingdom in late 2005.
Nayef Hawatmeh Nayef Hawatmeh
Member of Habash's PFLP in early years, but split and formed the leftist Popular Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PDFLP; later known as DFLP) in 1968; chairman and main representative of the DFLP.
Jamil Hilal Jamil Hilal
BA in Sociology and Philosophy from the University of Hull, UK, in 1963, and an M.Lit. in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Durham, UK, in 1969; was an active DFLP member from 1973-1991;
Jamal Al Hindi Jamal Al Hindi
PLC member (Fateh) in the Jenin district in the 1996 elections; served as head of the PLC’s Refugee Affairs Committee; member of the General Assembly of the Badil Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights (until 24 Sept. 2004).
Mohammed Hourani Mohammed Hourani
MA in Sociology-Bulgaria; member of the Fateh Higher Committee in the West Bank; was elected PLC member (Fateh) for the Hebron District in the Jan. 1996 elections; serves as member of its Legal and Political Committees;
Shafiq Al Hout Shafiq Al Hout
Founding member and leading figure of the Palestinian Liberation Front (PLF), which established the Abtal Al-Awda (Heroes of the Return) group in the 1960s and circulated the bulletin Tariq Al-Awda (Path of Return);
Samir Huleileh Samir Huleileh
MA in Economics from the AUB, Lebanon, in 1983; Board member of the Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ) in Bethlehem since 1990; was appointed Secretary of the Palestinian cabinet formed in Feb. 2005.
Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Sheikh Mohammed Hussein
BA in Islamic Shari’a from the University of Jordan in Amman in 1973; Director and preacher (Khatib) of Al-Aqsa Mosque since 1982; currently studies towards an MA in Islamic Studies at Al-Quds University, Jerusalem.
Abdal-Qader Al Husseini Abdal-Qader Al Husseini
Born in 1907 in Jerusalem; Son of Musa Qassem (Pasha) al-Husseini; graduate in chemistry at the American University of Cairo; leader of the Palestinian resistance during the Great Revolt of 1936-39; killed in a counter attack at Qastel on 1948.
Adnan Al Husseini Adnan Al Husseini
BA in Architecture from Ein Shams University, Egypt, in 1970; Board of Trustees member of Al-Quds University since 1993; Board of Trustees member of the Faculty of Qur’an & Islamic Studies at Al-Quds University since 1995;
Faisal Al Husseini Faisal Al Husseini
Born on 17 July 1940 in Baghdad, Iraq, to a Muslim Palestinian notable family; son of legendary Palestinian guerilla leader Abdel Qader Al Husseini, who died during the battle for Jerusalem on 8 April 1948; PLO representative to Jerusalem.
Haj-Amin Al Husseini Haj-Amin Al Husseini
Head of the First Palestinian Delegation to London in 1921; appointed president of the first Supreme Muslim Council in March 1922 (until 1937); elected president of the Arab Higher Committee on April 25, 1936;
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GHI Category of Palestinian People Profiles