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The reality of occupation of the Palestinians. Most aspects of Palestinian life (including resources like water) are controlled by Israel.
The Holy City of Jerusalem is one of the most ancient cities in the world
Handala is not a fat, happy, relaxed, or pampered child, he is bare-footed like the refugee camp children, and he is an "icon" that protects me from making mistakes.
Palestine is one of the most ancient homelands of humankind. There is evidence that Palestine was inhabited almost two hundred thousand years ago.
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JKL Category of Palestinian People Profiles
Alphabetical listing of selected JKL Palestine People Profiles
Issa Al Jaabari Issa Al Jaabari
Minister of local government
Former secretary of the Islamic Charitable Commission in Hebron.
Ahmad Jibril Ahmad Jibril
Ahmad Jibril head of PFLP-GC. Born 1935, Ramle, fled with family to Syria in 1948, and later became an army cadet, then an officer, rising to the rank of captain. Left army and established Palestine Liberation Front in 1959, with close ties to Syrian army.
Wasfi Kabha Wasfi Kabha
Minister of Prisoners′ Affairs
He has headed the engineering office at Jenin municipality’s research and planning department since 1996.
Ghassan Kanafani Ghassan Kanafani
Palestinian writer and political activist for Palestinian liberation.
Ghada Karmi Ghada Karmi
From 1999 to 2001 she was an Associate Fellow of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, where she led a major project on Israel-Palestinian reconciliation.
Salah Khalaf (Abu Iyad) Salah Khalaf (Abu Iyad)
Fateh founder member (1958/59); PLO's security and counter intelligence executive officer; spiritual godfather and chief of Black September Organization; principal Fateh ideologue; PLO's third highest ranking member after Arafat and Abu Jihad.
Member of the DFLP Central Committee and its politburo in 1971; held high ranking positions in the party in Lebanon (1972-1982) and Jordan (until 1991); PNC member since 1972;
Ahmad Al Khalidi Ahmad Al Khalidi
Minister of Justice
PhD in Constitutional Law 1979
Professor of Constitutional Law in AnNajah National University (Palestine)
Rashid Khalidi Rashid Khalidi
One of America's preeminent Middle East scholars. He is the Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies and the Director of the Middle East Institute at Columbia University. He is also President of the American Committee on Jerusalem.
Walid Al-Khalidi Walid Al-Khalidi
Graduate from London (BA in 1945), MLit from Oxford, 1951; since 1976 associated with Harvard University; co-founder of the Institute for Palestine Studies, Beirut; member of joint Palestinian-Jordanian delegation to the Middle East peace talks.
Sahar Khalifeh Sahar Khalifeh
One of the most distinguished Palestinian novelists. PhD From the University of Iowa in the US in women's studies and American Literature; She is currently head of the Women and Family Affairs center in Nablus.
Samiha Khalil Samiha Khalil
Member of the PNC since 1965; president of the Women's Federation Society, El-Bireh, of the Union for Voluntary Women's societies, and the General Union of Palestinian Women (GUPW); founder/ president of In'ash al-Usra Society since 1967.
Anwar Khatib Anwar Khatib
Mayor of Jerusalem in the late 1950s; member of the Arab Socialist Party and Jordan's government in the early 1960s; Jordan's ambassador to Cairo in 1963; governor of Jerusalem (1967-1970s).
Ghassan al-Khatib Ghassan al-Khatib
Ghassan al-Khatib PA Minister of Labour, from 9 Jun. 2002. Leading member of PPP, director of Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre. Born 1954, Nablus, Ph.D. in Middle East Politicalitics at Durham University.
Said Khoury Said Khoury
Born in 1923 in Safad, Palestine, to a wealthy landowner father who held fishing rights for the Sea of Galilee. With Hasib Sabbagh, he jointly established the Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) in Beirut in the early 1950s.
Hassan Khriesheh Hassan Khriesheh
Member of The Palestinian Legislative Council
Second Deputy to the President of the Palestinian Legislative Council
Daoud Kuttab Daoud Kuttab
One of the best-known Palestinian journalists, has fought for a free media in Palestine under both the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority. His creative initiatives have helped drive the development of an independent Palestinian press.
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JKL Category of Palestinian People Profiles