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The reality of occupation of the Palestinians. Most aspects of Palestinian life (including resources like water) are controlled by Israel.
The Holy City of Jerusalem is one of the most ancient cities in the world
Handala is not a fat, happy, relaxed, or pampered child, he is bare-footed like the refugee camp children, and he is an "icon" that protects me from making mistakes.
Palestine is one of the most ancient homelands of humankind. There is evidence that Palestine was inhabited almost two hundred thousand years ago.
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PQRS Category of Palestinian People Profiles
Alphabetical listing of selected PQRS Palestine People Profiles
Farouq Qaddumi (Abu Lutf) Farouq Qaddumi (Abu Lutf)
Early member of the PLO and Fateh; named as member to the PLO Executive Committee in 1969; PLO career spent as head of the political department; today PLO's official Foreign Minister and critic of the Oslo accords.
Sheikh Izz-Al-Din Al-Qassam Sheikh Izz-Al-Din Al-Qassam
Preached Jihad (holy war) and revolution against both the British and the Zionists; organiser and leader of the first Palestinian guerilla group, acting against British security forces; killed in 1935; the armed wing of Hamas is named after him.
Abdul-Sattar Qassem Abdul-Sattar Qassem
PhD Political Science at Missouri University (1977); Professor of Political Science at Jordan University (1978-79); Professor of Political Science at An-Najah National University in Nablus since 1980; Abdul Hamid Shuman Award for Scientific Research.
Mr. Abdul Mohsen Qattan Mr. Abdul Mohsen Al Qattan
Chairman of Board of Trustees of A.M.Qattan Foundation
Member of Board of Trustees of Miftah
Honorary Member of Board of Trustees of Birzeit University
Omar al Qattan Omar al Qattan
A Palestinian British film director and film producer. Secretary of A.M.Qattan Foundation. Director of Palestinian Audio Visual Project.
Ali Qleibo Ali Qleibo
PhD in art and cultural anthropology in U.S.A., Dr. Qleibo is an accomplished painter as well as a writer. Head of the Department of Fine Arts at Al-Quds University. His painting "Double Window" was the first Palestinian artwork chosen by UNICEF.
Ahmad Qurei'a (Abu Ala') Ahmad Qurei'a (Abu Ala')
Born in Abu Dis, Jerusalem; member of the Central Committee of the Fateh movement since 1989; member of the PLO Central Council; member of the PNC; Minister of Economy in the PA; Secretary General of PECDAR.
Nayef Al Rajoub Nayef Al Rajoub
Minister of Awqaf
Member of The Palestinian Legislative Council
Mahmoud Al Romahi Mahmoud Al Romahi
General Secretary of The Palestinian Legislative Council
Member of The Palestinian Legislative Council
Ahmed Sa'adat Ahmed Sa'adat
Became a member of the PELP in 1969. Elected to the Politburo of the PFLP while in administrative detention in 1993. Became responsible for the PFLP in the West Bank in 1994. Elected Secretary General of the PFLP in October 2001.
Hasib Sabbagh Hasib Sabbagh
Describing himself as a ‘Palestinian refugee turned businessman of the world’, Hasib Sabbagh is now a highly influential industry leader and philanthropist. Born in 1920 in Tiberias, Palestine.
Afif Safieh Afif Safieh
Born in Jerusalem, studied in France and Belgium, MA from the Institute of National Politics in Paris, visiting scholar at Harvard University 1985-87. PLO representative in the Netherlands 87-90; PLO representative in London 90-95.
Edward Said Edward Said
Professor / Columbia University; Ph.D. Harvard University. Professor of Comparative Literature/Columbia University. Helped to found the Palestinian National Initiative or Mubadara on 2002.
Khalil Sakakini Khalil Sakakini
Writer and educator; elected member of the delegation to Istanbul in 1909 to protest the deposition of the Brotherhood; founder and head of several private schools in Jerusalem; secretary of the Congress of the Arab Executive Committee of Palestine,
Mariam Saleh Mariam Saleh
Minister of Women′s Affairs
PhD Sharia from Umm Al Qura University in Mecca (Saudi Arabia) 1993.
Bassam Salhi Bassam Salhi
Named to lead the Palestinian People’s Party (PPP); PNC member; holds observer status at the PLO Central Council; nominated himself in 2004 following the death of Yasser Arafat as a running candidate for PA President for the 2005 elections;
Nassereddine Al Shaer Nassereddine Al Shaer
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Education and Higher Education
PhD from Department of Middle East Studies in Manchester University (UK) 1996.
Simon Shaheen Simon Shaheen
Shaheen is one of the most significant Arab musicians, performers, and composers of his generation. His work incorporates and reflects a legacy of Arabic music, while it forges ahead to new frontiers, embracing many different styles in the process.
Bassam Shaka'a Bassam Shaka'a
Born in Nablus; member of al-Baath al-Arabi Party in the 1950s; elected mayor of Nablus in 1976 until dismissed from office by Israeli authorities; lost his legs in an Israeli bomb attack in 1980; banned from travelling in 1981.
Ghassan Shaka'a Ghassan Shaka'a
lawyer; L.L.B. from Beirut University, 1971; head of the Lawyer Bar Association in the West Bank since 1990; appointed by the PA to head the Nablus Municipality Council in October 1994.
Hisham Sharabi Hisham Sharabi
Professor of history & sociology, Georgetown University, USA; author of various academic studies; editor of Journal of Palestine Studies; head of the Jerusalem Fund and the Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine, Washington, D.C.
Ahmad Al-Shukairy Ahmad Al-Shukairy
Prominant palestinian lawyer and first president of the PLO; drew the first draft of the Palestinian National Charter which became the basic law for the establishment of the PLO; first President of the PLO (1964-67); formed the Palestinian Liberation Army;
Talal Sider Talal Sider
One of the founders of Hamas in Hebron; deported to Marj Az-Zuhour in Dec. 1992 (until Dec. 1993); appointed PA advisor on religious affairs after 1997; Minister of Youth and Sports for 20 months, then State Minister for three years;
Elia Suleiman Elia Suleiman
Palestinian film director. received various awards and grants; He was the recipient of the Rockefeller Award for work achievement; acted in his other films, Homage by Assassination, Chronicle of a Disappearance and The Arab Dream.
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PQRS Category of Palestinian People Profiles