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Baker Abdul Muneim
Ramla, Palestine
 (1942- )
Baker Abdul Muneim - PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 1983, PhD in Economics in 1985, PhD in Political Science in 1988, PLO representative to Japan and Canada
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Baker Abdul Muneim

Born in 1942 in Ramleh; became refugee in Amman, Jordan, in 1948; studied Mechanical Engineering at Cairo University (BSc in 1966); was head of a Jordanian power station; returned to Cairo University and graduated with a MSc in 1975;

Became the Vice-Pres. of the International Union of Students, representing the GUPS from 1978-1983; PNC member since 1979; PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 1983 (Czechoslovakia); PhD in Economics in 1985 (Germany); PhD in Political Science in 1988 (US); was elected to the Fateh Revolutionary Council in 1989;

Served as PLO representative to Japan from 1983-95 and as head of the General Delegation of Palestine in Canada from July 1995-2005; in Oct. 2005, was appointed to become the Palestinian representative to Moscow;

Has translated and authored several works on Palestine and other issues in Arabic, English, and Japanese, incl. Palestine in My Heart (Shakaihihyosha, 1991, in Japanese), The PLO and the Gulf War (Daisanshokan, 1991/992, in Japanese and English); Songs to Hiroshima (Poems) (Al-Shorok, 1996, in Arabic), and The Wisdom of Japan: Old Japanese Folktales (translation into Arabic) (Al-Shorok, 1996).

Source: Passia Org.
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Added: Oct 2008
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Baker Abdul Muneim