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Claudette Habash
Jerusalem, Palestine
Claudette Habash - Ambassador for Peace for the Inter-Religious and International Federation for World Peace in 2003; International Voluntary Service Award 2004.
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Claudette Habash

Born in Jerusalem; completed the London Matriculation at the Notre Dame de SIon School in Jerusalem in 1965; graduated from the Beirut College for Women with a BA in Social Work in 1960; completed a one-year practical training course in Medical Social Work at the American University Hospital in Beirut in 1960;

Was involved with the YWCA as Chairperson of the Women's Council from 1971-75, then as National Board member (1978-84) and Pres. (1989-93); served as Vice-Pres. of the Board of Directors of Terra Sancta Club in Jerusalem from 1973-80; was a member of the Parent/Teacher Association at De La Salle School, Jerusalem, from 1975-78; Manager of Ayoub Trading Agency from 1978-84; serves as Sec.-Gen. of Caritas Jerusalem and member of several working groups, commissions and committees of Caritas Internationalis since 1991;

Member of several councils and delegations of the Holy See; member of Pontificum Consilium - Cor Unum in 1990-94 and 1995-99, and of the Holy See Delegation to the UN Conference on Women, Beijing, China, in 1995; also member of the Working Group on Refugees, Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) since 1992, member of the Central Committee of the Dept. of Service to Palestinian Refugees (DSPR) since 1992, serving as its Chairperson from 2001-04; Council member of the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC), Geneva, since 1995; was a member of the regional commission of Caritas MONA (Middle East and North Africa) from 1995-99;

Board of Trustees member of Bethlehem University since 1997; served for two consecutive terms as Pres. of Caritas for the MONA region since 1999; Vice-Pres. of Caritas Internationalis for the MONA region since 1999; member of the Board of Directors, Society of Saint Yves, since 2002; was decorated Lady Commander of the Order of Saint Gregory the Great with medallion in 1997;

Became an Ambassador for Peace for the Inter-Religious and International Federation for World Peace in 2003; received the International Voluntary Service Award from the Catholic University of San Antonio, Murcia, Spain, in 2004.

Source: Passia Org.
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Claudette Habash