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Samia Halabi
Jerusalem, Palestine
(1936-    )
Samia Halabi - Born in Jerusalem 1936; MA in Fine Arts in Painting; taught in American universities for 18 years, has exhibited her work internationally.
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Samia Halabi

Born in Jerusalem on 12 Dec. 1936; during the 1948 Nakba, her family was displaced to Beirut, from where the family emigrated to the USA; graduated from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, with a BSc in Design (1959), from Michigan State University with an MA in Painting (1960) and from Indiana University with an MA in Fine Arts in Painting (1963);

Taught in American universities for 18 years, incl. Indiana University, University of Hawaii, Kansas City Art Institute, University of Michigan, Yale University School of Art, University of South Florida, and The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York; has also lectured as visiting artist at many schools; her painting style is based on abstraction and its relationship to nature and reality; added electronic media to her art work in the 1980s;

Was visiting artist at Birzeit University in 1997; helped the PA Ministry of Culture in the area of teaching arts, incl. teaching courses and conducting workshops at the Universities of Birzeit and An-Najah, Nablus, as well as at cultural centers such as the Wasiti Center in the late 1990s; conducted a creativity project for Palestinian art students in June 2003 at the International Center in Bethlehem; has exhibited her work internationally and in numerous museums, incl. Guggenheim Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, and l'Institut du Monde Arabe.

Source: Passia Org.
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Added: May 2006
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Samia Halabi