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Jamil Hammami
Jerusalem, Palestine
(1952-    )
Jamil Hammami - Researcher at the Center for Islamic Research at Al-Quds University from 1997-2003, MA in Islamic Studies.
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Jamil Hammami

Born in Ma’an, Jordan, in 1952; family moved to Jerusalem in 1953; graduated from Al-Aqsa Secondary Religious School in Jerusalem in 1973;

Worked as Imam at the Birzeit mosque; studied Shari’a and Law at Al-Azhar School, Egypt, graduating in 1977; was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood; joined Ein Shams University to study towards his MA in 1982 but had to return to Palestine without having completed his studies;

Worked as a teacher in Al-Aqsa Secondary Religious School, Jerusalem from 1979-81; co-founder and Direc tor of Dar Al-Hadith in Al-Aqsa Mosque in 1979; founded the Society of Islamic Sciences and Cultural Committee in 1984 and serves as its Secretary since; Director of the Waqf in Bethlehem from 1985-87, then worked as assistant to the Dean of Islamic Research at the Waqf from 1987-97;

Was arrested by Israel three times, first in 1988 (imprisoned for 20 months), then in 1990 on his way back from the US (detained for 20 months), and in Feb. 1995 (detained for six months);

Went to Cairo and Sudan in 1995 to participate in meetings between the PA and Islamic activests; participated and signed the Copenhagen document for Two-Sate solution in 2000; became researcher at the Center for Islamic Research at Al-Quds University from 1997-2003, where he also worked as a lecturer and pursued his MA in Islamic Studies, graduating 2003; coordinator of the Religious Studies Unit at PASSIA since 1998; currently works as lecturer of Islamic Culture at Al-Quds University and volunteers as Executive Director of Al-Iman Secondary Schools in Jerusalem.

Source: Passia Org.
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Added: May 2006
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Jamil Hammami