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Manuel Hassassian
Jerusalem, Palestine
(1953-    )
Manuel Hassassian - PhD in Political Science, University of Cincinnati, USA, 1986; Head of the Palestinian General Delegation to the United Kingdom 2005.
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Manuel Hassassian

Born in Jerusalem on 28 Dec. 1953 into an Armenian family; was educated at the Frères College in the Old City of Jerusalem; received a BA in Political Science from the AUB in 1975 and an MA in International Relations from the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA, in 1976;

Worked at the University of Bethlehem first as a lecturer in Political Science from 1981-85; also served as Dean of Students at the University of Bethlehem from 1983-91; continued his studies and earned a PhD in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati, USA, in 1986;

Is a member of the Arab Association of Political Science since 1986 (executive member in 1987-88); returned to the University of Bethlehem as Assistant Professor (1986-91), then Associate Professor (1991-98) of Political Science and International Relations; was managing editor of the Bethlehem University Journal from 1986-91, then editor-in-chief in 1992-93; also served as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and as Chairman of the Humanities Dept. from 1992-96; serves as Executive Vice-Pres. of Bethlehem University since 1996;

Was a consultant to the Palestinian final status negotiating team on Refugees from 1997-99; consultant and Steering Committee member of the Orient House in Jerusalem from 1997-2002 (serving also as head of the Jerusalem Task Force at the Orient House Negotiations Affairs Dept.); represented the PLO in many second-track diplomacy meetings between 1997-2002;

Served also as tourism consultant to PECDAR (1997-98) and as consultant to the MOPIC and UNESCO (1997-98) and to the PA Higher Ministerial Committee for Church Affairs (1998-2001); served as Pres. of the Rector’s Conference at the PA Ministry of Education from 1998-2003; was promoted to the rank of Full Professor at Bethlehem University in Sept. 1999;

Pres. of the PEACE (Palestinian-European-American-Education) program since 2000; is member of the Editorial Board of various publications, incl. Politikon: South African Journal of Political Studies, Citizenship Studies (UK), Bulletin of Search for Common Ground (US), and Palestine-Israel Journal (Jerusalem); has many times been visiting scholar, incl. at the University College of Dublin (1987), the Earlham College (1991-2000), and to the Universities of Vermont (1991-2000), of Maryland (1994), of Villanova (1996), and of Reims (1996/97); is a member of the Middle East Studies Association, the Arab-American University Graduates (AAUG), the Arab Association for Human Rights, the Copenhagen-based International Alliance for Peace (since 1997), and the International Consultative Group at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC;

Board member of the Center for Democracy and Workers’ Rights, Ramallah, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Panorama Center, Ramallah; received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Reims, France, in 1996, and was nominated for the Gleitsman Middle East Award in 1998/99; was appointed to become the Palestinian representative to London in Oct. 2005; has published extensively in comparative and Middle East politics; among his books are Palestine Factionalism in the National Movement During the Mandatory Period (Jerusalem: PASSIA, 1990), Political Opposition within the Palestine National Movement, 1919-1939 (Jerusalem: Al-Bayader, 1987); co-edited Citizenship and the State in the Middle East (Syracuse University Press, 2000); appointed as ambassador, Head of the Palestinian General Delegation to the United Kingdom in late 2005.

Source: Passia Org.
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Manuel Hassassian