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Karma Nabulsi
Jaffa, Palestine
Karma Nabulsi - Studied Politics at Balliol College, Oxford, DPhil in 1996; author of Traditions of War, Occupation, Resistance and the Law.
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Karma Nabulsi

Born in the US in 1957; was educated in Beirut, New York, Rabat, the UK, and Paris; was a PLO representative from 1977-90 serving at the UN, Beirut, Tunis, and the UK;

Founding member of the Palestinian Women’s Union, UK Branch, in 1987; was advisory member of the Palestinian delegation to the Madrid and subsequent Washington talks between 1991-93; studied Politics at Balliol College, Oxford, and received an MPhil in 1992 and a DPhil in 1996; was a Prize Research Fellow in Politics at Nuffield College, Oxford University from 1998-2005;

Served as Specialist Advisor to the UK All Party Parliamentary Commission of Enquiry on Palestinian Refugees (and its ‘Right of Return’ report in 2000) from 1999-2005, and to the House of Commons Select Committee’s Enquiry on Development Assistance and the OPT from 2004-2005 and its report on Donor Assistance (2005);

Led the British Academy-funded research project “Republicans without Republics: National and International Networks in the Construction of State in 19 th Century Europe” from 2000-2003;

Currently fellow in Politics and Director of the Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) program at the St. Edmund Hall, Oxford; University lecturer and Director of Graduate Research at the Dept. of Politics and International Relations at Oxford University; also directs an EU-funded collective research project at Nuffield on “Foundations for Participation: Civic Structures in Palestinian Refugee Camps and Exile Communities” (the proceedings of which will be published in 2006);

Also serves as Patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, as advisor for the Badil Center Legal Unit (and member of its expert forum), Bethlehem, and of Arab Media Watch, UK; Chair of Trustees of the London-based Hoping Foundation (which supports grassroots organizations working with Palestinian youth in refugee camps);

Member of the Chatham House Middle East Roundtable 1988-2005, has written numerous articles and chapters and is author of Traditions of War: Occupation, Resistance and the Law (Oxford University Press, 1999).

Source: Passia Org.
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Karma Nabulsi