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Omar Nabulsi
Nablus, Palestine
(1936-    )
Omar Nabulsi - Member of the Jordanian Upper House of Parliament from 1989-1993; Chairman of the Jordan Electricity Authority, the Industrial Development Corp...
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Omar Nabulsi

Born in Nablus on 1 April 1936; was educated at the Victoria College in Alexandria from 1946-53, then enrolled at Cairo University, where he received a BA in Law in 1959; also received a Diploma of Higher Legal Studies in International Law from Ein Shams University, Egypt;

Worked as a legal advisor for Sascam Co. Tripoli, Libya, from 1959-60; served as attaché at the Arab League in Cairo from 1960-69; was appointed Deputy Chief of the Hashemite Royal Court during 1969-70; then became Jordanian Minister of National Economy (1970-72), Ambassador of Jordan to the UK (1972-73), and Minister of Agriculture and of National Economy (1973-75);

Left Jordan to work as legal advisor at the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development in Kuwait from 1975-77; returned to Jordan and became Minister of Labor and of Development and Reconstruction from 1979-80; in 1980, was a founder and senior partner of the law firm Nabulsi & Associates in Amman;

Served as Senator (member of the Jordanian Upper House of Parliament) from 1989-1993; also was Chairman of the Jordan Electricity Authority, the Industrial Development Corporation, the Encouragement of Investment Committee, and the General Social Security Cooperation;

Member of the National Planning Council and the State Budget Committee; former Board member of the Arbitration System of the Euro-Arab Chambers of Commerce and member of the Jordan National Consultative Assembly.

Source: Passia Org.
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Added: May 2006
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Omar Nabulsi