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Rana Nashashibi
Jerusalem, Palestine
(1962-    )
Rana Nashashibi - MA in Counseling Psychology from Indiana State University in 1986; Program Coordinator the Palestinian Counseling Center from 1986-88
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Rana Nashashibi

Born in Jerusalem in 1962; received a BA in Business Administration from Birzeit University in 1982;

Worked at the student counseling office of the American Consulate from 1982-84; continued her studies in the US, graduating with an MA in Counseling Psychology from Indiana State University in 1986; became Program Coordinator and Assistant Director of the Palestinian Counseling Center from 1986-88; then worked as Registrar at the College of Arts for Women, Al-Quds University, from 1988-91; since 1991, Director of the Palestinian Counseling Center; was a lecturer in Developmental Psychology and Counseling at Al-Quds University from 1992-1998;

Was awarded the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship and spent a year at the University of Washington in 1994-95; ran in the first PLC elections in Jan. 1996 as a candidate for the Jerusalem constituency but was not elected; began lecturing in Counseling Theory and Practice at Birzeit University in 1996;

Served as a Consultant of the PA Ministries of Social Affairs and Education from 1997; was supervisor of a workers’ hotline at the Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling from 1998-2000; also supervised social workers and counselors at the Palestinian Working Women’s Society for Development from 1999-2001; since 2002, PhD candidate at the European Graduate School, Switzerland;

Has been involved in activities at the Tamer Institute for Community Development and the Palestinian Center for the Rehabilitation of Torture Victims; serves as Board member of the Arab Resource Collective in Beirut; Steering Committee member of the PNGO; has written several articles on women’s issues and contributed to several publications, incl. The Analogy of Occupation and Rape: the Case of the Palestinian People (2003).

Source: Passia Org.
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Rana Nashashibi