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Ibrahim Nasrallah
Jerusalem, Palestine
(1954-    )
Ibrahim Nasrallah - Worked at the Khaled Shoman Foundation Darat al-Funun, since 1996, member of the Jordanian Writers’ Union and the General Union of Arab Writers.
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Ibrahim Nasrallah

Born in Amman on 2 Dec. 1954 to a Palestinian Christian family originally from the village of Al-Bureij near Jerusalem; grew up in Al-Wihdat RC in Jordan; educated at UNRWA schools; received a teaching degree from a training college in the camp;

Worked as a teacher in Saudi Arabia for two years from 1976-78; returned to Jordan and worked as a journalist for different newspapers, incl. Ad-Dustur, Afaq and Al-Hisad, from 1978-96;

Was awarded the ‘Arar Literary Prize in Jordan in 1991; worked at the Khaled Shoman Foundation Darat al-Funun, a center for arts and culture in Amman, since 1996, and currently serves as its Director of Cultural Affairs;

Member of the Jordanian Writers’ Union and the General Union of Arab Writers; also works as a photographer and has held exhibitions in 1995 (Jordan) and 2004 (South Korea); was a member of the Honorary Boardof the Amman Filmmakers Cooperative in 2004; is a member of the General Assembly of the Khalil Sakakini Center in Ramallah; has published several collections of poetry as well as seven novels and two children’s books;

Received numerous awards, incl. the Sultan Oweiss Prize for his poetry (1987), the Arrar Literary Prize (1991), the Taysir Sbool Prize for a novel (1994) and the Jordanian Writers Society Honorary Prize three times for three of his poetry collections; among his publication are Prairies of Fever (Novel, 1985) and Maraya Al-Malai’ka (Mirrors of Angels - poetry).

Source: Passia Org.
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Added: May 2006
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Ibrahim Nasrallah