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Ali Qleibo
Jerusalem, Palestine
Ali Qleibo - PhD in art and cultural anthropology in U.S.A., accomplished painter as well as a writer. Head of the Department of Fine Arts at Al-Quds University.
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Dr. Ali Qleibo

Artist, Author and Anthropologist. Born in Jerusalem and educated in the USA his books and artworks have taken him all over the world.

His book Before the Mountains Disappear is an ethnographic description of everyday Palestinian life. The book provides a narrative vista rich with anecdotes from personal experience into the manners and customs of modern Palestinians. The book was translated into English, German and Japanese. In his new book "Surviving the Wall," Qleibo documents aspects of contemporary peasant Palestinian culture. Chapters of the forthcoming ethnography, have been serialized over the past two years in the monthly gazette, This Week in Palestine.

Another book, Jerusalem in the Heart is a cultural guide to the social historical aspects of Jerusalem and is illustrated with his own art work and photographs. He has written in Arabic several books and plays. Among his Arabic works, The Mystery of Japan, is an anthropological interpretation of Japanese Culture.

As artist his oil painting "Double Window" was the first Palestinian art work chosen by UNICEF. He had innumerable art shows all over the world and his art work are kept locally and internationally in private collections in Tokyo, Vienna, Brussels, Cairo, Amman, Paris, New York, Rome, Boston, Costa Rica, Salvador, Honduras…

In his recent art exhibition, In the Realm of Light, Qleibo art work, through use of the play of light and shadow, expressed his spiritual sufi interests… The art show was in the commemoration of 800 year anniversary of the great mystic, Jalal el din Rumi.

Qleibo's ethnographic cum art work includes filmic documentaries that cover aspects of Palestinian Social history. His film, "le Regard de l'Autre" a film subsidized by the French Government relating to post Modernism in French Society was filmed in location in Paris and was first released in the Jerusalem Film Festival in 2003.…..He has written several plays two of which were produced in Japan and Israel.

His research and articles on mystical Islam, as a fellow at the Hartman Institute, allowed him to lecture on Islam in various international interfaith dialogues including the prestigious "Meeting" in Rimini organized by Commune and Liberation…..

After a three year sojourn in Tokyo, Japan, as a visiting professor where he lectured on Palestinian Culture and society, the semiology of Egyptian cinema and the "Discourse of Love in the Modern Arabic" song his nostalgia to Jerusalem brought him back to his hometown.

Dr. Qleibo presently lectures on Ancient Classical Civilizations at al-Quds University.

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Added: May 2006
Updated: Jan 2009

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Ali Qleibo