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War on Gaza
with "Song for Gaza"

Gaza Under Attack, Nov 14, 2012
We were Torn from our Homeland ... However, we Planted our Homeland in us.
We were Torn from our Homeland ... However, we Planted our Homeland in us.
Important Note:
“This is a Personal and Self-Funded Website, and NOT Representing Any Official Palestinian Authority/Party... It is a Social and Cultural, but NOT a Political Website..."


Our Message to the world:

Now is the time for global civil society ... to forcefully demand immediate action from governments to end the occupation, which is the root cause of this conflict.

A message of continuing resistance against the occupation, with your support, and the solidarity of humans worldwide who don't accept injustice against fellow human beings. People, who reject injustice imposed on other nations, speak out for us. aiming to make informational resources about the Palestinian issue more widely available and presenting the Palestinian viewpoint on the Web to help the international public better understand the realities of the Palestinian situation.

"Why should these Palestinians, who have lived in Jerusalem for hundreds of years, be evicted from their homes so that Jews from Brooklyn can live in them?"...Norman Finkelstein.

Ghosts Of Deir Yassin
(Composed by Phil Monsour)
This song is dedicated to The Right of Return to commemorate 64 years of al-Nakba 1948.

News/Success Stories

I Shall Not Hate

I Shall Not Hate
The Atrium, Georgetown University, Education City 6pm, Sep 25, 2012

Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish will be talking about his inspiring memoir I Shall Not Hate. The event will be moderated by Dr. Mohamed Zayany of Georgetown and will be in English. There will be a reception and book signing after the event at the Atrium. The event is co-sponsored by BQFP, Al Fakhoora and Georgetown. Details

Mohammed al-Madhoun - 14 year old developer, Google's Ambassador in Gaza

Google's Ambassador in Gaza
Mohammed Nafez al-Madhoun

Mohammed is a 14 year old developer. He's done for Google the Android challenge that Google had over lunch. He managed to completely solve the problem except for a little detail which is irregular expression which a lot of people at Google still don't know how it works, and his solution was completely correct. Not only that, he had a very nice conversation in which Google's Team were really impressed by his applications. Details

Barenboim Conducts Peace Concert in GazaBarenboim Conducts Peace Concert in Gaza

The Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim has given his first concert inside Gaza. Barenboim is a lifelong activist for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. He entered the blockaded strip from Egypt, along with an orchestra of top European musicians...The Peace Concert

Eng. Mamoun Hammouda

Innovative Invention
by Eng. Mamoun Hammouda

The invention highlights the achievement of final-year computer engineering students, McMaster Univercity, Hamilton, Canada.

"The Interactive Projection Peripheral projects data from a smartphone, tablet or computer onto a flat surface where users can type or access programs by touching the projection." Details

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War On Gaza
with "Song for Gaza"
War On Gaza:
Daily feed about the war:
Day by day news of Israeli War On Gaza and the main Israeli military actions in Gaza, with details in videos and pictures about the War on Gaza.
Gaza Genocide Victims in pictures
Gaza Genocide Victims in pictures:
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza (Dec 27, 2008- Jan 18, 2009):
Children, Women, Civilian People, Buildings, Gaza Under Fire, White Phosphorus, Medical Services, Mosques, Schools, Animals/Birds, Trees...Genocide Victims in pictures
Inside Gaza Strip

Inside Gaza Strip:
Facts of life inside Gaza Strip, occupation is the secret recipe for suffering, daily life in refugee camps, health situation and much more in Detailed Reports from Gaza Strip...

Palestinian Refugee Camps

Palestinian Refugee Camps: (NEW!)
A comprehensive list of the Palestinian Refugee Camps in Gaza Strip, The West Bank, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon. Find here important information about the Palestinian Refugee Camps.


The Story of Palestine (Flash Slideshow) By: Dr. Mustafa Barghouti

The Story of Palestine (Flash Slideshow)
By: Dr. Mustafa Al-Barghouti

This hour-long presentation by Dr. Mustafa Barghouti is a must see (and save for reference). It explains the past, present and future of Israeli Occupation of Palestine and present facts and figures that you don't see on your TV.... The Story of Palestine

Palestine Districts 1948

Palestine Districts 1948:
Palestine Districts Before 1948, Occupation and Depopulation, Israeli Settlements on Our Lands, Palestine Villages Today, Listed Profiles and Much More... go to Palestine Districts Before 1948

Virtual Tour of Palestine

Virtual Tour of Palestine:
A comprehensive list of information on the major attraction throughout Palestine. Lots of useful information about Palestinian towns and cities and many important religious, archeological, historical and natural treasures sites... Tour of Palestine

Virtual Tour of Jerusalem

Virtual Tour of Jerusalem:
Many important religious, archeological and historical sites in Jerusalem... Start the Tour to Jerusalem

Virtual Tour of Gaza Strip

Virtual Tour of Gaza Strip:
A virtual guide to Gaza Strip. This page aims to give you a broad overview of important locations, places and historical sites in Gaza Strip... Start you tour to Gaza Strip

Historical Documents
Historical Documents:
Sykes Picot Agreement 1916, Balfour Declaration 1917, The Palestinian National Charter 1968, The Camp David Accords 1979, State of Palestine Declaration of Independence 1988, The Madrid Declaration 1989, Declaration of Principles 19 (Oslo Accords)... Historical Documents
Palestinian Governorates
Palestinian Governorates: (NEW!)
What Are the Palestinian Governorates?... Palestinian Governorates
Palestinian Parties
Palestinian Parties: (NEW!)
What Are the Palestinian Parties?... Palestinian Parties
Palestinian Universities
Palestinian Universities: (NEW!)
What Are the Palestinian Universities?... Palestinian Universities
Palestinian Traditional Costumes

Palestinian Traditional Costumes:
A collection of Palestinian Traditional Costumes. These items are representative of the different geographic regions in Palestine such as Bethlehem, Ramallah, Hebron, Bir al Sabe' etc…Palestinian Traditional Costumes

Palestinian Traditional Recipes

Palestinian Traditional Recipes:
A Collection of Recipes from Palestine... "Chicken Fatteh, Fattoush, Hummus Bi Taheeni, Knafeh, Mahshi Warak Enab, Maqloobeh-Upside Down, Mjaddara, Mulukhia, Musakhan, Mutabbal, Qatayef and much more"... Palestinian Traditional Recipes

Palestinian Traditional Crafts

Palestinian Traditional Crafts:
A Collection of Traditional Crafts from Palestine... "Bedouin Weaving, Ceramics, Glass, Majdalawi Weaving, Olive Oil Soap, Olivewood Carving, Pottery and Tatreez-Embroidery"...Palestinian Traditional Crafts

Alphabetical & Chronological listing of Gaza Strip Profiles

Gaza Strip-People Profiles
Alphabetical listing of Gaza Strip Profiles..."North Gaza, Gaza, Deir El Balah, Khan Younis, Rafah"...Gaza Strip Profiles

Alphabetical & Chronological listing of Palestine Profiles

Palestine-People Profiles
Alphabetical listing of selected Palestinian People Profiles

Alphabetical & Chronological listing of Arabs Profiles
Arabs-People Profiles
Alphabetical listing of selected Arab People profiles
Alphabetical & Chronological listing of International Profiles
International-People Profiles
Alphabetical listing of selected International People Profiles
Scientists and Scholars

Scientists and Scholars
Alphabetical listing of selected Arab/Muslim Scientists and Scholars

Books about Palestine

Books about Palestine
Palestine Books: A Collection of Important Books about Palestine

Virtual Gaza Strip: An Online Tour of Gaza Strip
Palestine Recipes: A Collection of Recipes from Palestine
Palestinian Costume: A Collection of Traditional Costumes from Palestine
Palestinian Crafts: A Collection of Traditional Crafts from Palestine
Virtual Jerusalem: An Online Tour of Jerusalem Informational Resources about Gaza Strip and Palestine - North Gaza, Gaza, Deir El Balah, Khan Younis and Rafah.

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