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Jihad Hamed
Beit Hanoun, North Gaza / Palestine
 (0000-    )
Jihad Hamed - Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Louisiana State University, December 1990.
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Jihad Hamed


  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Louisiana State University, December 1990.
  • M. Sc., Civil Engineering, University of Texas at El Paso, May 1986.
  • B. Sc., Civil Engineering , June 1982.
  • Other Training:
    Continuing Education Louisiana State University, June 29, 1990
    Hazardous Materials Worker training Program


As a staff member in both Birzeit and IUG universities, my job has included the following activities:

  • Feb. 1997- present
    Assistant Professor at Civil Engineering Department at Bir Zeit University
  • Aug. 1991 – Feb. 1997
    Assistant Professor at Civil Engineering Department at Southern Illinois University
  • Jan. 1991 - July 1991
    Project Manager, Electrokinetics Inc.
    Louisiana Business and Technology Center
    South Stadium Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70803-6100
  • June 1987-Dec. 90 Research assistant- Civil Engineering, L S U.


  • Hamed, J. (1986), "Bearing Capacity of Strip Foundation on A Granular Trench in  Soft Clay," Master Thesis, University of Texas at El Paso.
  • Hamed, J. (1990), " Decontamination of Soil Using Electro-osmosis," a Ph.D. Dissertation, Louisiana State University.


  • Hamed, J. "The Effects of Current Density and Zeta Potential on Electrokinetic Soil Processing." Annual Report presented to ORDA (1995).
  • Hamed, J. and bhadra, Ashish. " Electrokinetic Treatment of Soil." Annual Report presented to MTC (1995).


Chairing and participating in many committees for academic, curriculum, laboratory and research development at University, College and Department levels.
Assessment, and Rehabilitation of Structures

  • Assessment of engineering problems of El Ajame Mosque
  • Assessment and evaluation of engineering problems of El Zahra High School in Gaza
  • Assessment and evaluation of the retaining structure at Jamal Abed El Naseer High School in Gaza
  • Assessment and evaluation of the Arab Bank Building in Gaza
  • Assessment of engineering problems and preparation of rehabilitation works for a four-story building of the Al-Quds Open University in Gaza.
  • Assessment of engineering problems and evaluation of load carrying capacity of El-Karmel High School in Gaza for the purpose of adding a new story. In addition, preparation of required repair works.
  • Assessment and Evaluation of engineering problems existed in a building belongs to Ministry of religious affairs and Abu Shaban Mosque in Palestine square in Gaza.


  • FOUNDATION DESIGN (Graduate and Undergraduate)
    Application of soil mechanics to the design of the foundations of structures; bearing capacity and settlement analysis, design of shallow foundation; stability of earth slopes; design of retaining walls, design of pile foundations, coffer dams.
    Problems in geotechnical engineering, stresses in soil mass in two and three dimensions, effective stress principle, consolidation, consolidation with vertical and radial drainage, shear strength, stress path.
    Advanced problems in geotechnical engineering, seepage, dewatering systems, stability analysis of slopes.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL GEOTECHNOLOGY ( Graduate and Undergraduate)
    Geotechnical aspects of land disposal of solid waste and remediation, solute transport in saturated media, diffusion in soil, adsorption hydraulic conductivity and its measurement in laboratory and field, soil-water interactions, compaction, construction quality control of liners, flexible membrane liners used in disposal facilities, slope stability/settlement considerations, cap design using the HELP model. This course is designed to provide the graduate students with the necessary background information and with the state of practice and art in this field.
  • SOIL MECHANICS (Undergraduate)
    Physical and mechanical properties of soils, flow through soils, effective stresses, consolidation, shear strength, soil improvement, lateral earth pressures.
    Introduction to the mechanics of deformable bodies. Forces and deformations. Torsion. Stresses in beams. Deflections of beams.
    Geology and Civil Engineering, History of the Earth and its internal structure , Minerals versus Rocks, Composition and Structure of Minerals, Physical features of the Earth, Composition and Structure of the Rock Composing the Earth. Weathering and Soils, Geological maps and its Engineering Application, Ground Water, Earthquakes and Earth’s interior, Plate Tectonics
  • Engineering Hydrology
    The course deals with the following topics: Hydrological cycle, Meteorological data, Humidity, temperature, radiation and precipitation, Evaporation and Transpiration, Infiltration and percolation, Ground water, Surface Runoff and Hydrological forecasting.
  • Advanced Foundation
    The course deals with the following topics: Sheet piles, Braced Cut, Deep Foundation , Slope Stability, and Various Methods of Ground Treatment
  • Advanced Concrete Technology
    The course deals with the following topics: A comprehensive study and practical treatment of initial and time dependent deformation of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, thermal properties, quality control and other properties of concrete. Also structure and behavior of other construction materials such as metals, timber, polymers, bricks, blocks and lime.

Professional Society Memberships

  • Associate Member, American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE)
  • Member, North American Geosynthetics Society (NAGS)
  • Member, International Erosion Control Association (IECA)
  • Member of the board of laboratory Engineering Association of Engineers
  • Member of the Engineering Syndicate, Palestine.

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Jihad T. Hamed