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Rema Hammami
Jaffa, Palestine
(1960-    )
Rema Hammami - PhD in Cultural Anthropology, Temple University 1994; Research Coordinator of the MA Program in Gender, Birzeit University
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Rema Hammami

Born in Daharan, Saudi Arabia, in 1960; received a BA in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati in June 1983 and an MA in Cultural Anthropology from Temple University, Philadelphia, in Aug. 1984; worked as Research Supervisor and was Steering Committee member of the Women’s Affairs Research and Training Center in Nablus from 1990-91;

Joined FAFO in 1991 as Academic Consultant/Researcher (until 1993) and Director of Field Research in Gaza from 1991-92; was co-founder and Research Coordinator of the Gaza chapter of the Women’s Affairs Research and Training Center from 1991-92 and its Executive Director from 1993-94; was Steering Committee member of the Bisan Center for Research and Development from 1991-93 and of the Women’s Affairs Technical Committees from 1992-94;

Served on the Advisory Board on Palestinian Women NGOs of the World University Service, UK, from 1992-95; studied at the same time towards her PhD in Cultural Anthropology, which she received from Temple University in Aug. 1994;

Worked as Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Birzeit University from 1994-96, then became Research Coordinator of the MA Program in Gender, Law and Development of Birzeit’s Institute of Women’s Studies as well as Program Chairperson from 1996-2004; serves on the Editorial Board of the Middle East Report since 1996 and of the Jerusalem Quarterly File since 1998;

Is a participant in the Palestinian-Israeli Academic Discussion Group (PALISAD) since 1997; was Visiting Scholar at the Women’s Studies Institute at New York University in 1998; participated in the Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (PFIPP) from 2001-04;

Member of the Institute for Jerusalem Studies since 1995, the Jerusalem Center for Legal Aid and Counseling since 1998, Muwatin since 2001, Greenpeace Mediterranean since 2001, and Miftah since 2003; was Chair of the Birzeit University Right to Education Committee from 2002-2004; co-chaired (with Dafna Golan from the Hebrew University) the Israeli-Palestinian-South African Conference The South African Transition: Lessons for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict at the Human Sciences Research Council, Cape Town, in April 2003;

Holder of the Prince Klaus Chair in Development and Equity at the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, in 2005; has published numerous papers and articles in the field of gender, anthropology, civil society and politics, as well as co-edited Annotated Bibliography on Palestinian Women (with Pari Baumnann; Jerusalem: Arab Thought Forum, 1991) and The Socio-Economic Bases of Palestinian Opinion Formation (with Nader Izzat; Nablus, CPRS, 1997).

Source: Passia Org.
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Added: May 2006
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Rema Hammami